Thursday, November 18, 2010

Space tourism by 2014

Space tourism might be available by 2014, if it's up to the Dutch airline company KLM. Conveniently one of Holland's colonies, Curacao, was deemed appropriate to launch a rocketship from for anybody who is willing to pay between 70.000 and 100.000 euros. This first version of the space shot is minimal both in duration and distance: you go up just beyond the boundary of Earth's atmosphere, and spend only about 4 minutes up there before spiraling back to earth.

If you are interested in doing it, wait a few years, fly to Curacao and look for the following futuristic building:

In case you are interested but don't have the money, there is always YouTube:

For those who are going to do it, and think this is worth the money, here is a perspective to perhaps take along: you can see your flight as a mission towards a different state of mind, triggered by the direct perception of the cosmos. This is your chance to awaken directly that you are not just a being in a social group, not even a global being; you are a cosmic being - cosmic meaning here that the whole you are part of has no limits whatsoever. Your perception can now come to confirm this by getting you out of your head and fully in tune with what you are perceiving. It can make you see that what you are perceiving right now is the only thing you'll ever need, and the most profound thing available. But with everything you learn in a specific environment, your task is to bring home what you learned and apply it there as well. You learned that there is a state of perception that brings you in tune with the cosmos; but the cosmos is not just out there beyond our atmosphere - it is here as well. Everywhere, although it is easier visible in more complex things such as trees, eyes, clouds, and the ocean, than, say, in your washing machine or desk lamp. The rocketship is the psychedelic technology that will change your mind and your personality towards the ultimate wholeness.

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