Thursday, June 7, 2007

Composition Itten style

a basic exercise with color composition, researching the spatial effects of color.

matching colors and emotions

Can you match these words correctly to the color combinations shown in the picture?

Words: "Dreamy", "Playful", "Down-to-Earth", "Agressive", "Sad" and "Modest"

Nuzzle Scenario of Use

This is the scenario of how we envision Nuzzle to be used. I drew it all in Flash, a job demanding patience :). It was presented to Microsoft in a Flash animation, but for the sake of convenience I Jpegged it all.



A model of our final concept for the Microsoft Design Expo. it is a cuddly object that shows the child the real world of the hospital by photos, as well as a fantasy world of a cartoon character that engages the child in an interactive story, where the child needs to find objects in the physical world. This will allow the child to familiarize himself with the hospital environment by interacting with visual information in a playful way.
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