Monday, February 25, 2008

Phi, the nature of growth

Great stuff!

A movie about the number phi in natural growth, created by my fellow students Carl Megens, Joris van Gelder, Sibrecht Bouwstra, and Alice Verdonk.

It gives a brief indication as to the occurence of this number in nature. In the end they indicate that technological functionalities could be based on this number for optimal efficiency. Inspirational!

Still, it would be a reductionist approach to design. Nature does not work with numbers, only people do. The golden ratio as promoted by the gestaltist movement to inspire form design was a failure. There are no universals when it comes to satisfying people. On a higher level of technological functionality, I think that this direct translation of nature is quite useless. But still it is interesting to think in this way, i.e. to analyze the holistic interrelatedness of natural systems as they have evolved. But this system should be entirely translated into another system to serve human's deeper needs, for example that of spiritual enlightenment.

There, I had my moment of skepticism again. Thank you.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

moldable mouse

Yes, the role of the industrial designer is definitely changing. Here's a mouse that can be shaped while in use. It is made of fabric covered clay, and thus allows the user to knead it into any desirable shape. This would also prevent mouse-related physical injuries like RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome. A small step once again into a future of liquid, intelligent, adaptive technologies, hurray!

The design recently was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award. Or click this link.