Thursday, February 6, 2014

Waxy Renderings

They don't serve much direct use other than being visually intriguing, these renderings. But they do promote the look of waxy, translucent objects, paired with soft colors, very well. I hope to see such aesthetics more applied in product design, and in effect bring more 'soft values' into the world.

The images were created by studio Zeitguised, using Cinema4D and VRay, employing a process which they call 'boolean taxidermy':

"To make use of 3d cg space in a uniquely digital way, space is not cut by a projection of a plane onto a 2d screen anymore: instead, we ‘look’ through the cutting shape of a 3d object to realise the shape of another."

3D Printed Fear-Inspired Jewelry

Dorry Hsu is a recent RCA graduate and has created 3D printed jewelry inspired by the human experience of fear. To inform her design process, she has inspected the form of masks and insects. The final pieces are made through SLA printing and dyed by hand. I like how she did not go for obvious fear-inducing shapes, but kept it refined and arguably beautiful. It's an interesting exploration into the aesthetics of both jewelry and 3d printed objects.

Nuvist's blobjects

Nuvist is a young architecture and design agency from Turkey that has been outputting some refreshing design work lately. They are clearly very much driven by their organic and dynamic design language, and are evolving well in mastering this language. I think it can all become a bit more refined and unique, but perhaps they are well on their way competing with other players such as Lovegrove, Karim and Zaha.