Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life inside a cell animated

This is what the common human being needs; a visually interesting depiction of how a cell works, not with words and science, but pure visuals. It is stunning, and it's hard to imagine that every cell of our bodies is as complex and coordinated as a universe, but this does give us a better idea of the incredible system that our body is. The molecules you see are modelled after the structure of real molecules, although a lot of assumptions had to be made. But more important than scientific accuracy is how it can open the mind of the common human being.

Watch the animation here:

You can also watch the animation's predecessor, that has already been featured on this blog, here:

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Victorian inn bed and breakfast said...

I am a medical student, and quite frankly, that is one of the most beautiful science vids ive ever seen! Once you understand every cell, every components of it, its like geek porn! LOVE IT