Friday, March 20, 2009

rise of the river robots

There we go, robot armies are already being developed, but now our seas and rivers are also going to be the homes of robots with autonomous navigation capabilities. Apparently, British scientists want to release robots that resemble fish into the sea near Spain. These machines would be able to detect pollution, so basically it's a moving sensor with the mask of a sophisticated organism.

This way, robots are again a quick and easy solution to something that should be tackled preventively. Throw in some technology, that'll do. Sure. It's adding up quickly if you ask me. I feel that in a way, robots could become the punishment we create for ourselves because we can't live in tune with our world as a whole. We try to stick patch after patch onto nature, but we really need to look inside of ourselves and learn to accept it with all its unpredictabilities, become open-minded to the all-transcendent wisdom pervading it, and with our newly acquired consciousness try to uplift it by catalyzing its own flow.

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