Tuesday, January 20, 2009

knitting goes biomorphic

The design world slowly seems to be shifting towards a new idiom that is largely inspired by natural growth processes. Luigi Colani as the great pioneer of organic forms kicked this development off, Ross Lovegrove brought it to the 21st century, but now slowly we seem to be on the verge of reuniting with our full biology, including the raw, fleshy, undefined, wild and dirty aspects of it.

New York based artist Emily Barletta has created abstract objects with a knitted exterior that look like future organisms, or organic products for that matter. From a completely different professional field, psychiatrist Dr. Karen Norberg also put her hands on the knitting needles and created a more or less anatomically correct version of the human brain out of wool.

We are entering a surreal phase, after which we will hopefully realize we can re-ecologize ourselves as holistically functioning entities in biotechnological niches.

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