Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The universe within us

Start the movie at 7:05 for the most mind-blowing animation I have ever seen.

It shows what goes on in one cell of a human body, and the scale of things is just incredible and seen from this perspective, a universe of its own.

I feel that our information-saturated world has so much deprived us from a feeling for the evolutionary process of which we are still part that we have become greatly abstract beings, clueless about how to create meaning in life, and instead reverting to chunks of information we somehow get implanted into us and which we consciously employ, through mainly left-brain thinking, to try to assimilate something meaningful out of.

I deem this hopeless unless we inspire ourselves with more parallel, subliminal information, and learn to see the value of this. This animation by David Bolinsky helps to implant us with a sensitivity to natural evolution, in which everything is part of something and devoted to something larger than itself. This, in my opinion, is the goal of life and the human brain; try to create a functional niche in which it can selflessly express itself through holistic interaction with its environment.

As Bolinsky also mentions, the things inside our cells we can perceive as individual entities are also part of a larger whole, a higher evolutionary pattern, of which they are not conscious. We must learn that we too are part of something larger than us, and on a level of higher complexity than our experiential lives patterns can be perceived that are similar to that of a living organism.

Now, watch the animation again.

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