Friday, August 15, 2008

The implications of size-based thought

I don't see this relationship, but it's a funny speculation about the oneness of man and his technology, and an iconic expression against miniaturization as the main focus of product development. But I think people watch so much television because it is a soothing and linear medium, fully absorbing and abstracting you mentally and physically in a small, projected world, presenting you with clear identities so you feel like you don't have to develop one yourself but can comfortably stay behind the lens. Maybe to start with, there should be a mirror on every television.

The issue with television and technology that narrows down the lifeworld is not that it is simulated or fake, since according to me it is as real as any other illusion. It is just hard to develop a meaningful, coherent core self when you cannot fully interact with your world and when it is hard to develop a satisfactory mental model of it.

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