Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Here's a quick update after many months without activity on this blog.

The bad news: I'm not going to continue posting on this blog very actively any longer. Every project starts from a certain intention, and for everyone at some point that intention in a sense fades away again in order to make room for new and fresh things.

The good news: I am going to combine most of my activities on a new website, and under a new name: Designsoul. The website, www.designsoul.nl, will integrate a blog for inspiration and awareness, a part with more serious reflections that may hopefully lead up to a publishable book someday -maybe even an entire design movement, why not - and a design portfolio mostly to showcase my professional activities.

As a final word of reflection: When you may find that through design you are (co-)creating the entire cosmos, and your thought processes evolve so that increasingly greater things manifest on an increasingly greater scale, at some point you become so immersed in creative thought that you start reflecting on where all that really is coming from, and whether it's really you doing the creation and the creative thinking. The reflective part of Designsoul will take us deeper into this question, and learn through design to (re-)discover what 'soul', that currently almost unused word, really means.

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Kristin said...

Looking forward to the new site, and seeing what new and fresh things lie ahead.