Thursday, April 21, 2011

Humanoid flowers

One simple flower can tell you everything you need, if only you learn to open up to it and see it in its fullness. A media-saturated life has us forget about the actual sense data that the symbols we are served stand for, and the flower being one of the earliest symbols we learn in those elementary educational kid's cartoons, it has long been forgotten in a mind-dominated life of thoughts and desires. Yet it is a return to what seems to be a not very interesting backdrop of life, that can open up our senses again and show us things that thoughts can never grasp.

Probably this was not the line of thought of photographer Cecelia Webber when she created these wonderful images, but they do show us an interesting outlook on nature. She has made a start in trying to show how the processes of nature underlie everything we see, and how all form is interconnected and ultimately generated by our own mind. Some might mainly see her creations as flowers, others as collections of painted human beings, yet others see a humanization of nature. As ambiguity in sense data increases towards Rorschach-like proportions, our own state of consciousness will more and more come to determine what we actually see.

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