Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The technological forest

The forest, like almost no other environment, can immerse and ground you and your mind up to the comfort of an unborn baby in the womb. Technology these days, on the other hand, is mostly distractive, and sends us all over the place. Could one day even the realm of the forest become one with technology?

The new-age group AUJIK has this dream, and visualizes it in beautiful ways using extraordinary computer generated images. To them, according to the animistic Shinto belief, all technology is alive, just like nature is. They even view technology as the refined, ordered form of the intrinsically chaotic nature that we originally came out of. Technology then, is nature's way to understand itself.

In their videos, we see wonderful shots of object-creatures full of character, that seem to have outevolved the coldness or techno-sexiness of their early robotic ancestors, and now have developed a natural, organic beauty of their own. But it's not the kind of ethereal image of beauty that we often picture when we think of the word 'nature'. It's not the kind of idealistic beauty that leads us away from the everyday world. This beauty is a beauty of the real world, and thus we see complex, breathing structures within parking garages, and metal contraptions that seem very refined, yet also normal, as if we could see one standing in a children's playground among all the other structures.

See for yourself:

In becoming more natural, technology will calm down our minds, and show us that indeed we can create the kind of beauty that we once lived in ourselves. Then, the circle will have been completed, we will have become gods, having connected our heads to our hearts, and intrinsically interlinked ourselves with the whole of existence by finally fully making the outside the inside, and the inside the outside. And then we can forget that tense state of being we were once in when we still thought that we were separate.

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