Monday, August 23, 2010

Flying drones released in the wild urban jungle

A group of technophilic Parisians release an alien-looking drone in a Metro station of the French capital, and people react in all kinds of ways.

In case this actually was an extra-terrestrial object suddenly swifting by in front of our eyes, I think we should at least strive for one of the following actions:
- greet the object politely and welcome it to our world
- be inquisitive, study the object, and selflessly let it study you
- try to feel its intentions through your empathic abilities
- mirror its actions in case it wants to play with you or is just inquisitive
- just pass by and continue your life as you would normally do. So what if there are alien lifeforms on the planet? That doesn't ultimately make life more interesting, meaningful, or beautiful.

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