Monday, July 26, 2010

Visualization of a country's mood

This cartogram shows the mood of US citizens over the course of a day. The data was gathered from 300 million messages on Twitter, by analyzing keywords in those messages according to a list of affective words. The bigger the area on the graph, the more Tweets were sent out by that state, and the greener the area is, the happier the messages.

What we can learn from this?
- People in the USA are happiest early morning and late evening, and in the weekends
- People on the west coast are happier than those residing on the east coast
- If you like happy moods, go live in California, Florida, Arizona, or Delaware
- If you like negative mindedness, especially go to West Virginia, New Mexico, Mississippi, Indiana, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, and the Dakotas

Also watch this movie that dynamically shows the data throughout a single day:

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