Saturday, March 27, 2010

new concepts for 3D displays

As our bodies all want to get out of the flat computer paradigm, with our minds on the other hand desperately liking all the discoveries and freedoms that the window into the virtual offers, new ways have to be found to merge the virtual and the physical. We are seeing an uprise of 3D display technologies, as well as augmented reality, but this is all still kinda fake. What if the physicality of the display itself becomes programmable in space?

Underneath are a few ideas as to how that could look. Flyfire is an idea to have flying light emitting objects that can intelligently rearrange themselves in space and by changing color act as a true 3d display. 'Curious displays' by Julia Tsao is another project that shows how small display modules can be empowered to form a 3d display fragmented in space. Imagine your TV crawling onto your ceiling, dispersing its modules over it to show you a full starscape during a reflective moment in a movie. Of course - as I know from some experience - this will be very hard to realize on a large scale, but it is exciting stuff indeed.

Curious Displays from Julia Tsao on Vimeo.

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