Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snaiad; earth's weird twin brother

Probably you drew those imaginary animals when you were a kid, like an elephant with the wings of an eagle and the legs of a leopard. Nemo Ramjet has taken it a little further and developed an entire imaginary mirror planet with similar circumstances conducive to life as on earth. In his xenobiology-fiction he proposes that we are going to discover such a planet in about 250 years from now, and call it Snaiad.

Painted with pencil, Photoshop and saliva -what else-, the Snaiad creatures with names like headbangers, orca runners, and Fuckers - predators of course - look as if they came straight out of an illustrated encyclopedia of vertebrates. Some creatures are a bit, say, evolutionarily unlikely, but there are definitely some interesting ideas. Fish propel themselves through a jet stream, helped by the force of the heartbeat. Animals have two heads, one with a face and mouth for sexual reproduction and occassional food gathering as well as fighting, and the other for eating. Maybe to have an active, exposed mouth on an end effector covering a delicate sexual organ is not the best idea, but interesting nonetheless. Especially when you consider that the whole construction of earth's vertebrates may just be quite silly, but we don't know any better -yet. And so here we walk on with our one head.

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