Saturday, September 12, 2009

skin as canvas

Recent work of Lucy McRae shows her continued low-tech exploration towards an aesthetic expression of interactive technology and the body. Her 'Chlorophyll Skin' especially shows how a physical augmentation of the skin, through repetition and the intricacies inherent in the material embodiment, can modulate behavior and make for a rich and sensitive interaction, rather than having a bunch of preprogrammed electronics do their aggressive number crunching.

Now will people open up and dare to break away from their biologically given form, And is this truly an aesthetic precursor to a nano-scale 'digidermis'? I hope so; who wouldn't love to have a skin that can, say, change color, block out sunlight, excrete chocolate sauce wherever you like, or even medicines, and clean itself afterwards?

And this just reminds me of the sci-fi classic 'the Blob'.

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