Sunday, July 27, 2008

Words on the blog

Lately the author of this blog hasn't had much time for reflection, so here's just a recapitulation of what this blog is all about. The image above shows a collage that has a nice flavour of ambiguity,  but gives a nice feeling as to what this blog is about. The image was generated by Wordle, a tool that generates word clouds out of a piece of text. It is a visual summary of everything I have written in this blog.

To reflect a little bit on this, one could mention the often all too apparent dichotomy between left brain and right brain values. While text and language based thinking are still prevailing in current society - and also most supported by our current high resolution, hot media, as McLuhan calls it -, this should be more complemented by parallel, holistic, right brain thinking. Ambiguity, openness in technology should make people think more for themselves so they can develop a true self in a harmonic, shared growth process with their technology, instead of everything being predigested for them. In other words, I can tell you in words what this blog is about,  but you should also get an unconscious feeling for it, which is fed more subliminally, especially by images. And generate your own story and your own unique understanding and feeling of it.

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