Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Project Idea

This is an idea that boiled up to me the other day. I made a little flyer about developing jewellery that would enter into a co-evolution with the wearer as soon as he starts wearing it. As technology shapes humanity, I would like people to be more self-reflective, adaptive and networked, meanwhile giving them a sense for natural aesthetics (emergent properties, fundamental growth patterns, detail, perfect elegance...) again.

Groovy or non-groovy?

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Ehsan said...

Ralph my man :)

Definitely groovy, I like the fact that your jewellery in a way seduces people to add the element of alternation in their life. As far as I’m socio culturally aware, monotony is a problem that many people, in particular the west world, unconsciously (real Marshall McLuhan) are facing…

Good luck,