Sunday, March 25, 2007

Luxalive: a lamp that elicits human values in interaction

I designed and built a lamp that elicits human values through interaction with its user. Human values roughly are what people strive for in their lives. The key idea is that when products are designed so people can employ behavior suiting their value priorities, interaction with these products can be much more satisfying, because a resonance occurs with the dynamics of the product and the preferred dynamics of the human. The two values the lamp can elicit are 'social power' and 'helpful'. Depicted above is the lamp behaving subserviently, following the user's movements and making the user feel powerful and in control. The lamp can make its light flow dynamically through its body, but moreover it can also move physically through a four bar mechanism powered by a servo motor.

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Meera said...

Wonderful Ralph! Great Thing.
I'll come visit here more.